Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit 2019 7 Focus Points

Cyber Security Unleashed

“The untold truth of Cyber Security in South Africa”

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Malware and Advance Persistent Threats
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Cyber Cerebral SA
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About Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit


Connecting Africa’s Cyber Security’s thought leaders.


•   Cyber Cerebral South Africa’s premier CIO and CISO event has been launched from the need of Africa’s leading business leaders and key stakeholders in the cyber security space. These leaders will discuss strategy, application, education and opportunities surrounding cyber security in South Africa and Africa


•  There have been calls from public and private sector across South Africa to discuss the challenges, opportunities, finance and policies within the cyber sphere on the African continent.


•   Cyber Cerebral South Africa will create vigorous conversations and intense debates around cyber security threats that organisation face today, as well as look to the future. The summit seeks to connect public, private sector and solution providers with the goal of protecting information.




Here is what our Event Director had to say….


SA has the third highest number of cyber crime victims worldwide reported in June 2018 and losing R2.2 billion each year to cyber attacks. Identity Theft, Phising and Ransomware are common attacks with crypto currency being the new currency to the attackers and the underlip conversation now.


Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit brought forward an idea which could be conceptualized into a plan of action by state buy-in.The number of threats and data breaches increases with clear evidence that home-grown cyber criminals in South Africa are becoming more skilled and efficient in their “practice” It has become prohibitive for public and private sector to adopt complex cyber security frameworks and Artificial Intelligent solutions,This is a call for South African governments, consultants, and academia to find cheaper and practical ways to address the country’s cyber security challenges. The idea brought forward aims to promote a permanent solution which could be enforced through the encouragement of the industry thought leaders of Cyber Security.


With this, our core responsibility is to ensure our Delegates and Sponsors receives the greatest return on investment by attending Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit. To fulfill such a responsibility required strategic business acquisitions. We partnered with ICITP as apart of this mission, ensuring all our Delegate attendees receive CPD (continuous professional development) point. This adds great credibility for the individual and organisation representatives attending.


Cyber Cerebral South Africa is developed with the purpose to educate and advocate for Cyber Defense Strategy Implementation for both private and public sector. With the 4th Industrial revolution’s pace picking up in South Africa, technological advance will not deter hackers from becoming more-and-more ruthless. We need to ensure our defense as a country and private sector is guarded to the highest standard the industry can offer.


Danyal Zaal, CCSAS Event Director.

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