Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit has kicked off with a bang in Cape Town with Vol. 1 earlier this year. It was a great success and due to popular demand, 7 Events Africa will be hosting Vol.2 in Johannesburg 9th -10th October 2019 and Vol.3 in Durban 28th November 2019.


The Summit aims to bring together world renown thought leaders in Cyber Security and create country-wide awareness regarding the use of technology and how to be cyber aware.


Our vision is to ensure vast opportunities for our youth. We must proactively and thoughtfully reinvent the future of cyber security in Africa, by its future leaders. It is our responsibility to educate the South African Cyber Communities with the most updated and advanced information ensuring that we have a plan of action to combat cyber-criminals.


Our mission is to build a cyber secure nation which will be conceptualized into a plan of action by state buy-in. With the number of threats and data breaches increasing with clear evidence that home-grown cyber criminals are becoming more skilled and efficient in their “practice”. Cyber Security awareness is a fundamental aspect within our communities. The aim is to re-introduce the cyber security awareness programme to enhance the online safety and security for our communities.

Cyber Cerebral South Africa Summit

There is now a public demand for a roll-out of the CCSAS’19 series to cities around South Africa to ensure the Cyber Treat Worriers turns into Cyber Treat Defender Warriors. 7 Events Africa launched CCSAS’19 Vol.2, Johannesburg Edition and Vol.3, Durban Edition to ensure a national activation awareness campaign is rolled out to ensure South Africa Cyber Citizens are informed with all treats facing in the Cyber World.

Reasons to attend CCSAS

Visit the ccsas website for more information on this niche cyber security event