The Cyber Cubs initiative which is endorsed and supported by African Society for Cyber Security Awareness is geared towards South Africa building an infrastructure and educating the youth with continuous skills development. We have realized that there is a shortage of skills development in the cyber security space in South Africa and the aim is to uplift the youth and build a cyber secure nation which could be conceptualized into a plan of action by state buy-in.

With the number of threats and data breaches increasing with clear evidence that home-grown cyber criminals are becoming more skilled and efficient in their “practice”. Cyber Security awareness is a fundamental aspect within our communities and the aim is to re-introduce the cyber security awareness programme to enhance the online safety and security.

For South Africa to combat cyber-crime we must think like a hacker and understand what they are after in order to successfully combat them. Certain individuals are born with a mindset for coding which is much different to the theoretical side of the world. We need to educate and nurture these talents to fight the good fight and not use their talent in a negative aspect.

There are various types of hackers which are good and bad. Our objective is to plant a seed to ensure that good hackers help South Africa fight against cyber-crime.

Our aim is to educate and encourage our youth to venture into cyber security and by doing this, with the assistance from Government and our Thought Leaders, together we can build a WHITE HAT HACKERS UNIT that is equipped with the knowledge on how to prevent a cyber attack on our country. 


Our mission is to educate our youth to become cyber security ambassadors at schools who will promote and encourage kids to be cyber savvy. This will ensure that social breakdown points such as cyber bullying are eliminated from schools.


The vision is to create jobs and skills development ensuring that South Africa has a white hat Cyber Community that will look after South Africa’s cyber security capabilities and landscape.


A 3-tier programme will take place across South Africa in the main business Regions which are:  Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban


Primary School Road Shows: This will be a 30-minute show designed to enthral and educate the students at each school in the region. A character will be designed to ensure that the kids can identify creating enthusiasm for the Cyber Cubs initiative. (The show will be designed by the Cyber Cubs forum)



Secondary School Road Show:

We will run a coding competition at every school, selecting the top 2 students at each school to go into the second round, where they will be mentored by the Cyber Cubs committee. The applicants will be given educational content geared towards effectively combatting cyber bullying. There will be 4 rounds to the competition, which are as follows:

Round 1 – Compete locally with the schools
Round 2 – Top 2 compete within the region
Round 3 – Winner from the region will compete nationally
Round 4 – National winner will be announced and given Internship opportunities at cyber security companies.


Tertiary Road Shows:

TVET Colleges and Universities students will have the opportunity to further their education within the cyber security industry. They will be lectured and mentored by the Thought Leaders on how to practise safe online habits, educate their peers and family members about cyber security and be trained on how to handle and prevent cyber-attacks for our country.